John McCain Bombs Grocery Store


[youtube expand=1]

HA HA HA, here is WALNUTS! making some probably poor & homeless mother's annual trip to the grocery store a catastrophic failure. He waddles towards the applesauce and gets her a brand that she doesn't even want. And then he makes all the applesauce in every grocery store on earth crash onto the floor.

What's even funnier is the description of this video, a collaborative essay written by 10,000 Daily Kos commenters:

"Vote for McCain & He'll SHOP FOR YOU!! ... Ugh.... Does he actually say 'what's the difference here... one's Dole and one's ...'? How about the ONE she picked can save money on quantity, and the individual ones YOU grabbed are going to cost her family plenty more than she wanted. But she's polite and pretended to play along with the 'ol fuddy duddy'.

"Enjoy as the elitist interaction John McCain contasts with this real down-to-earth American. I love it when he stares at the mandarin oranges label and wonders '...are these Mandarin Oranges really Mandarin... from China?'



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