John McCain Enjoys Deep Discounts, Free Slaves At Alabama Event

Thank you!The mayor of Homewood gave John McCain everything but the "happy ending" when the enfeebled Presidential contender visited this Birmingham suburb on Monday. Even though local elitist Democrats recently had to pay $1700 to rent the city-owned Rosewood Hall, John McCain got it for just $250. OK so he only rented two rooms for a night, whereas the decadent Dems had three rooms for two nights BUT STILL. John McCain also netted the biggest prize of all: the services of free slaves, courtesy of the Homewood Jail!

The regular paid workers weren't available, you see, to set up the hall on a Sunday night. So instead inmates at the jail were generously drafted into setting up chairs and tables for Republican fat cats who are Tough On Crime.

Everyone in Homewood is completely outraged that John McCain got away with all this fraudulent white collar back-scratching that diminishes the public trust in Our Civics. Here is the McCain campaign's totally lame defense:

McCain campaign officials in Washington said they knew nothing about Homewood using inmate labor at no cost, nor did they ask for a cut rate.

"We paid what we were asked to pay," said Jeff Sadosky, McCain campaign spokesman.

John McCain owes Alabama $950 for the rental discount, $100 for the set-up fee waiver, and $1 trillion for this horrific betrayal of honor. The inmates would also like a shiv.

Thanks to Wonkette Birmingham Metropolitan Area Operative "John" for the tip.

McCain campaign gets almost 80% off on Homewood gathering space, plus free labor from Homewood Jail inmates [Birmingham News]


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