Rescue dangerFor somebody who's always accusing his opponents of being "out of touch" with the Working Man, John McCain sure does hang out with a lot of fat-cat plutocrats who don't even have the decency to be American. On a recent visit to the tony U.K. -- a nation populated entirely by decadent, incestuous polo players with "smart" accents and harelips -- McCain attended a fundraising luncheon hosted by Lord Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild. The problem is, American candidates aren't allowed to take campaign contributions from such fancy foreign nationals as the Rothschilds! But does "hosting" an event constitute a "contribution"?

According to watchdog group Judicial Watch, yes! But then again, they also thought that Elton John, a known Englishman, should not have performed at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. However, this objection had more to do with violating the laws of good taste than campaign finance regulations.

McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds [Guardian]


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