John McCain Has Several Hollywood Friends!


Oh sure, the stylish basketball star and Ivy League lawyer Barack Obama is loved by all the Hollywood celebrities (and world leaders and leading billionaires and Bob Dylan and all the voters), but even weary old rape-humorist John McCain can claim a little bit of L.A. glitter. Do you remember the hit '70s surfing sitcomMagnum P.I., about a crusty old Englishman and his mustachioed boy toy? No? Well, that guy (Tom Selleck) is one of, uh, four forgotten Hollywood starlets who have donated some money to McCain's Titanic.

Also on the Celebrity Donation List: Tom Selleck's wife, who shares both his last name and a love for John McCain's war heroics.

Let's see, who else? Oh yes, the maker of terrible blockbuster movies in the '80s, Jerry Bruckheimer, he donated $5,000 to Walnuts! Their friendship goes back to the "golden age" of cinema, when Bruckheimer made a hit movie about McCain crashing a plane into Hawaii back in World War II.

The other celebrity who contributed to the campaign is infamous cocaine lunatic Kelsey Grammar, teevee's "Kramer."

All 4 Hollywood Republicans give to McCain -- 2 Sellecks, 1 Grammer, 1 Bruckheimer [LAT Top of the Ticket]


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