John McCain Hates Donald Rumsfeld Sooooo Much

maverick.jpgJohn McCain has hopped back on the Straight Talk Express, everyone! The Maverick's back and he's tellin' like it is again!

Since the weekend, WALNUTS! has been telling everyone who'll listen that he hate hate hated ol' Don Rumsfeld. Walnuts decided a couple days ago that he's always thought that Rummy was the "one of the worst secretaries of defense" (he's no Clark Clifford, that's for damn sure). Reporters dutifully pretended the statement mattered, and McCain dutifully kept saying it.

Asked by a reporter about his comments about Mr. Rumsfeld, Mr. McCain said, "The criticism of the conduct of the war I have voiced for more than three years when I saw that this train wreck was taking place."

Some minutes later, after the news conference had ended, Mr. McCain, unbidden, said to the reporter, "Sir, I stand by my comments about Secretary Rumsfeld, by the way."

The criticism would maybe carry more weight if it wasn't coming from the only dude currently running for President who very well could be even more unbalanced and insane with regards to foreign policy than Rummy was. Of course, "Donald Rumsfeld was one of the worst secretaries of defense ever and if I'd been in charge there'd be a couple hundred-thousand more troops stuck in the morass of a never-ending occupation of an unfriendly country we know fuck-all about running. Also we woulda nuked Iran by now. Walnuts!" isn't as catchy.

In Both Parties, 2008 Politeness Falls to Infighting [NYT]


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