John McCain: How Funny It Would Be If Someone Picked Sarah Palin For Vice President?


Never too early for a drinkOl' Walnuts was on television again this morning, just sort of fucking around with Charlie Rose et al., cracking jokes, you know how it is with these people. Hey, Johnny Baby, who d'you think should get that VP slot, eh? Give us a name, Mac. Just some banter, you know, McCain likes that. Banter. How about Sarah Palin, he bantered back, while cracking up. Right? Because how funny would it be if someone picked Sarah Palin to be on a presidential ticket? Ace punch line, J-Mac.

So he was drunk or...??

“I think it should be Sarah Palin,” McCain said on CBS as he broke into laughter, when asked about Palin’s suggestion Tuesday night that the eventual presidential nominee should “go rogue” in their VP selection.

Asked by the laughing hosts of “This Morning” whether he had spoken to Palin about this, the Arizona senator said, “No, I haven’t.”

“I think that we have some very qualified candidates. Obviously, Marco Rubio is in the top tier, Chris Christie, there are a number of candidates we have out there, Bobby Jindal, Mitch Daniels. We have a wealth of talent right there, and I’m sure that Mitt will make the right choice,” he said.

As he burst into laughter again, McCain added, “Obviously, it’s a tough decision.”

It's... hahahahah... it's a big choice... *slaps knee, red in the face*... and you've got to put a lot of research HAHAHAHAHAHA into it, see... you've got to take it very seriously... *high fives Charlie Rose a few times, slaps his ass, can barely breathe*... because your running mate could be PRESIDENT some day!... *falls over, smacks ground repeatedly, howling in laughter, kicking the set, rolling, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing...*



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