The $100 Polo Shirt campaign didn't seem to do the trick, so today the WALNUTS! gang has sent out a terse little yelp of desperation which we will reprint in full, to make you a little bit happier that it's Friday and the weeklong July 4 holiday is almost here and we can pretty much forget all this bullshit for a while and concentrate on what's better, rock or powdered cocaine.

Dear Mr. Layne,

There are many reasons to support John McCain, but as we approach this quarter's fundraising deadline Saturday at midnight, let me remind you of just one of them...

John McCain is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

If you haven't already done so, I hope you will make a last-minute donation to help our final push before the deadline. Please also pass this message along to your friends and family to remind them of the stakes in this election.

The clock is ticking...


Terry Nelson

Terry Nelson

Campaign Manager

Good luck, Terry Nelson, Terry Nelson.

McCain says he won't quit Republican race [AP]


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