John McCain Is So Over His Defeat That He Still Won't Talk to the New York Times


TheNew York Times has the latest iteration of the beloved media story "What John McCain Is Like Now," and here's where it situates the old coot who pretends to be from Arizona along the spectrum: Definitely not the "far-right" monster who ran for Senate reelection in 2010, but also not the liberal fluffer who regularly dined with Maureen Dowd and Arianna Huffington at Hollywood Hills dinner parties back in the day. He does whatever Mitch McConnell wants him to do now and is happy. “It took me three years of feeling sorry for myself,” he says, to a crowd of assembled reporters, because he still won't talk to the New York Times directly after three years.

Yes, this is how "over" things and not-holding-grudges John McCain currently is:

“I just think a lot of it has to do with the agenda,” Mr. McCain said of his re-emergence, in an impromptu interview with several reporters. “After I lost, I knew that the best way to get over it was to get active.” (Mr. McCain, who disputed some coverage of him by The New York Times during the 2008 campaign, has a policy of not speaking directly to reporters from The Times.)

Oh, we think we know where that comes from. Remember the sexy lobbyist lady story? That was 4+ years ago. But John McCain is fine now.



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