John McCain Likes To Fish On His Fake Lake

John McCain spoke to his Confederate friends at the N.R.A. convention last week, shortly after Mike Huckabee made a joke about killing Barry Obama. McCain uttered such horrible sentences as this: "Someone should tell Senator Obama that ducks are usually hunted with shotguns." Ha ha, what was he even talking about? DUCKS?

Anyway, earlier in the day he and his drug addict wife stopped at a gun 'n' fishing store of sorts where they purchased a $40 fishing rod. According to McCain's traveling press secretary, Brooke Buchanan, WALNUTS! "would use his new fishing rod on the artificial lake at his 10-acre Arizona spread in Sedona." But he is not elitist, and he works in a mill like John Edwards.

Also: your Wonkette was pathetically watching some Sci-Fi Channel documentary last night about the Crystal Skulls that Indiana Jones searches for in his new movie, and apparently there might be one of these "things" in Sedona, which is a "vortex" of power or some such, created by aliens.

So John McCain fishes on a fake lake and is a space monster. Now you know these things.

Courting N.R.A., McCain Criticizes Obama and Clinton on Gun Control [NYT]


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