John McCain Needs Stuff to Sacrifice to War Gods, to Save War Budget


PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC! John McCain is all hot tears and snot right now over $600 billion in automatic cuts to defense spending triggered by the laughably predictable failure of the debt supercommittee last fall, so WALNUTS and his merry band of warhawks are stomping around the Senate hunting for government jobs to axe from the budget as a sacrifice to the war gods, in hopes of preventing the cuts from taking effect next year. Would five percent of the federal government workforce appease you, o Thor or Huitzilopocthli or Ares or Jesus or whoever wants to listen, COME ON HERE?

Yes, he offers to sacrifice five percent of all federal jobs, or just federal workers if the workers refuse to give up the jobs. The sacrifice of government jobs, obviously, is the only acceptable kind. Higher taxes on the wealthy will not sate the deities, cry the high priests of war:

“Let’s not let a domestic issue such as tax increases interfere with what could be devastating,” McCain said. “Everyone agrees that [defense] sequestration cannot take place. This is a proposal that we think has great validity.”

By "what could be devastating" Walnuts means three fewer $200 billion killing machines, and by "everyone," he means himself and his adoring girlfriend, who oh look! also has an opinion about not raising taxes and leaving millionaires alone for heaven's sake:

“We’re not going to use a millionaire tax to fix every problem around here,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). “If the Democrats have a problem with the way we’re paying for this, surely to God in a budget this big we can find enough money to avoid decimating the Department of Defense.”

Barack Obama FOR NOW at least has told John McCain he will veto this bill if it passes, because it is ridiculous. [The Hill]


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