John McCain: Proven Scary By Science

So the Postdid this thing where they "morphed" a couple representatives' faces with those of (MAVERICK RENEGADE LONE WOLF ETC. ETC.) John McCain and Hillary Clinton. We're not sure why, but they seem to think it's important. The end result: a touch of Hillary makes any anonymous pol more likable. John, though, just makes you look untrustworthy and puffy. We do think Senator McCain is perfectly likable -- doesn't everyone have an uncle who looks like him? But that doesn't translate to electability. We would never want that particular uncle in any position of responsibility. Still, though, it's hard not to think their methodology a little suspect. Who would you rather vote for: cute li'l Mary Bono (R-CA), or the "Paula Vaughn" the amalgam?


What's In a Face [WP]


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