No woman can escape his animal appealThis forbidden-lobbyist-love scandal is a stroke of good fortune for John McCain. Revelations that he may have landed a sizzling hot blonde half his age have brought a new aura of virility and sex appeal to the Spanish-American war hero's ancient carcass. He is also being hailed by Christian conservatives for having the good taste to conduct a heterosexual extramarital affair. And now we learn the scandal has brought conservative talk radio's most lovable personalities flocking to his bosom. According to Politico, "they have a common enemy" now. Meaning, of course, the terrorists. At the New York Times.

"This is what you get when you walk across the aisle and try to make these people your friends. I'm not surprised in the least that the NYT would try to take out John McCain," Limbaugh wrote in an email.

And Laura Ingraham, who just recently was bitching at CPAC about what a hedonist immigrant-loving jackass John McCain was, now finds him just another tragic victim of the LSD freaks at the Times:

"You wait until it's pretty much beyond a doubt that he's going to be the Republican nominee, and then you let it drop -- drop some acid in the pool, contaminate the whole pool."

This is why you can never invite a Democrat to a party: when they aren't busy shitting in the pool, they're dropping acid in it. WE HOPE MR. MCCAIN HAS LEARNED HIS LESSON.

Rush, right rally to McCain [Politico]


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