John McCain Ruins Compromise For Now

See, we say things like "[McCain] could also maybe light the current bipartisan compromise on fire and order everyone to draft a new one," as jokes. You know, "funnies." You take reality and bend it, to make the humans laugh! HA HA HA, like that! But then the McCain campaign always takes our joke and INSTITUTES IT, AS POLICY. And that's how John McCain hasruined whatever tenuous late-game compromise the adults had reached. And all he had to do was show up and open his trap.

House Republicans say that Senate leaders spoke too soon when they said a deal had been reached on a Wall Street bailout package.

In addition, a key Republican lawmaker stated that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) wants to explore new ideas, like loaning money to financial institutions or insuring the companies, rather than buying their toxic debt.


He added that McCain is interested in using loans or insurance rather than having the government purchase the toxic debts of Wall Street institutions.

"We would prefer a loan or supplying insurance,” Bachus told reporters. “These are the ideas Sen. McCain tried to maximize. He feels strongly we have to design a program where taxpayers won't lose."

The best part is how Barney Frank continued to be on fire: "Asked about Bachus’s ideas, Frank questioned why Bachus hadn’t mentioned them in negotiations."

These dumb poop Republicans are not agreeing to established compromises now so that it can appear as though John McCain has some hand in the final negotiation. Insead we wait, and we wait, and everyone goes to the White House except us. We wait. The thing that we do is wait.

No deal on bailout, says House GOP [The Hill]


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