Prick.Everybody knows that Republican Presidential candidate John McCain fought in the Vietnam War and was held in a POW camp until he gained a proper appreciation for the works of Ernest Hemingway. However, shocking new revelations suggest that McCain may have been an arrogant prick to the guy who rescued him after his jet was shot down and delivered him to captors for five years of torture.

For years, this tiny little fellow named Mai Van On said he had been the first to go into the lake and pull up the nearly-dead John McCain when the hero's fighter jet was shot down. On's neighbors corroborate this, even though a photo of the event shows a whole bunch of people hauling McCain's watery carcass out of the lake.

According to legend, no sooner had McCain reached the shore than people started beating him with a rifle and trying to kill him for good.

In 1996 McCain met with Mr. On in Hanoi and gave him some sort of crappy souvenir and said "Thank you," but he did not offer to take the guy to America or pay his family millions of dollars. The man wasted away in disappointment and now he is dead.

Regardless of what really happened on that fateful long-ago day in Vietnam when John McCain almost died, one thing is certain: John McCain is an arrogant, thankless prick, but one who is "worth the fighting for."

How war hero John McCain betrayed the Vietnamese peasant who saved his life [Daily Mail]


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