John McCain Tangentially Linked To Wonkette Sex Scandal!

Now the circle is completeHey, remember back in the day four million years ago when a gal named Ana Marie Cox edited this humble publication, and she followed, outed, and interviewed a Hill aide who went by the name "Washingtonienne" and who had lots of anal sex and other kinds of sex that she wrote about on her blog called Washingtonienne? Yes, those were more innocent days when something as simple as a young heterosexual woman having sex with a variety of males could set the world on fire. Let's take a trip down memory lane...a trip that ends on the Straight Talk Express!

This gal named Jessica Cutler was a staff assistant to Ohio Republican senator Mike DeWine and got fired for having this trashy blog, but then it was OK because she got a book deal, although Wikipedia now informs us she had to file for bankruptcy to avoid losing all her money to one of her angry outed suitors. Anyhow, reader "Destiny" has brought it to our attention that the now former senator DeWine is John McCain's Ohio campaign co-chair, which means that McCain at the very least knows someone who employed someone who had a lot of sex, once, the end.

Officials asked Cunningham [Cincinnati Enquirer]

Washingtonienne Speaks! [Wonkette]


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