John McCain's Biggest Fan: 'Your Name'

Ooh looky it's another Kustomized Kampaign Trinket for you, the reader! For just $250, you can show the world that YOUR NAME totally supports JOHN MCCAIN. But are there any names or phrases that Gramps McCain won't accept on his Prideful Outdoor Banners?

We encounter this stern warning: "Demeaning or derogatory names or phrases are not acceptable."

Ken L.

hahahahaha so no "RUN NEGRO RUN"?

Sara S.

no "Truck Nutz for John McCain"

Ken L.

Oh he would only notice really old-fashioned derogatory names and phrases.

Jim N.

no, that is acceptable for mccain

Ken L.

So, no BALDERDASH banners

Jim N.

yeah, not even the TINIEST picture of a lady's ankle!

Ken L.


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