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Just last week your Wonkette shared a new ad by Arizona Grandpa John McCain against the infomercial con artist J.D. Hayworth, who wants to steal McCain’s frayed ol’ Senate seat plus replace your hard-earned dollars with fantasy “free government money.” Walnuts has released another new ad, and it’s almost exactly like last week’s except better in every possible way imaginable, and therefore destined to sweep him to victory with a triple-digit lead (at minimum!).

In this new iteration of “J.D. Hayworth Is a Big Fat Huckster,” McCain creates a video montage with references to everything he’s ever learned from watching TV -- which he always does at 2 a.m., alone in the dark, crying into a bowl of Metamucil Flakes. There’s the ShamWow guy, and World War II footage straight from McCain’s personal home movie collection, and even a reference to “horse love repellent” to titillate the olds. Not to mention ample use of the original 16-millimeter footage of Hayworth hawking the Free $$’s 4 U, with the words “buyer beware” repeated over and over so you don’t forget it, BUYER BEWARE.

Also featured prominently is government grant-guy Matthew Lesko wearing his trademark “$ suit,” doing his thing. Hmm, did desperate old fraud McCain pay "free money" to Lesko for all the footage he used from Lesko's commercials? Because it kind of seems like McCain's campaign made an entire commercial against nutty Hayworth based on actual footage from Lesko's "FREE MONEY" ads, doesn't it? And doesn't John McCain's campaign have a history of constantly stealing copyrighted material, like Jackson Browne songs or whatever?


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