John McCain's Secret Plan to End the War

WALNUTS! McCain is perhaps the last and certainly the loudest presidential candidate to support the Iraq war as it has been fought and lost by the current president, Richard Cheney. He promises, if elected, to continue it onward and upward, forever and ever and ever, until we win three, possibly four more times. America will not lose in Iraq on this maverick's watch.

Unless, you know, everyone bitches enough.

He said that if the Bush administration's plan had not produced visible signs of progress by the time a McCain presidency began, he might be forced--if only by the will of public opinion--to end American involvement in Iraq.

So if, say, American popular opinion turned against the war (heaven forfend!), then we might have to withdraw. But unlike the withdrawal plans of your Barack Obamas or your John Edwardses, this will be a victorious withdrawal.

McCain Self-Destructs [Slate]


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