John McCain's Sexy Lobbyist Friend Sues NYT For $27 Million That It Doesn't Have

Dig through your memory of the 20 trillion mini-scandals that defined the ceaseless 2-hour news cycle we called the "2008 Presidential Election" and you may remember a liberal New York Timesstory that was structured something like this: (a) [first few grafs] CORPORATE LIAR & ADULTERER JOHN MCCAIN VIOLENTLY BANGS THE HELL OUT OF THIS NON-WIFE CORPORATE LOBBYIST HARLOT, FOR BLOOD MONEY (b) [segue graf] Ha ha just kidding, well maybe, just that some dude told us that (c) [the final 95% of the story] There are a few modest ambiguities in John McCain's Senate record, the end. The Times was attacked from both the left and the right for this needless, comical story. The lobbyist gal McCain was obviously boningbefriending, Vicki Iseman, surely had her life destroyed, so now she's suing the New York Times for a $27 million cash prize which will almost certainly bankrupt the newspaper. Vicki Iseman, ha ha, holy shit! Blast from the past! [AP]

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