Well, yes, that's outrageous all right. Guy's beard looks TERRIBLE

You'd sort of think that 49 years after Loving v. Virginia, nobody would be much bothered by media depictions of interracial couples, but that would probably be because you actually do think, instead of simply reacting straight from your Angry Amygdala. So it isn't really all that surprising that a perfectly routine Tweet from Old Navy would set off the Internet Racist Freakout Brigade, with the usual stupid racist shit:

Well by golly, that nonsense did not sit well with Navy Lt. Jack McCain (aka John McCain IV), son of Sen. John McCain, who is quite happily all interracially married himself to Air Force Reserve Capt. Renee Swift. McCain and Swift, like plenty of families who are delighted to need more than one crayon for an accurate portrait, took to the Tweetosphere to tell the racist dickbags what they thought of them:

More than once!

Ms. Swift got in on the act, too, tweeting that she'd just been shopping at the moderately priced chain with the insufferably cutesy TV ads:

We are reasonably certain she is referring to her own outfit, because despite the name, Old Navy does not actually sell Navy uniforms. (Do they?) Hooray for love, hooray for John McCain for raising a kid with good anti-racist ethics, and hooray for taking down trolls.

Now, Jack, if you could have a word with your dad about him doing his damn job and confirming Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court...

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