John McCain's Stripper Ex Soon to Be Available for Interviews

Dick Polman's Philly Inquirer analysis of McCain's 08 campaign can be summed up thusly: Man, John McCain, you used to be cool. You used to be all about the music. But you've changed, buddy. You sold out.

Truth be told, the old McCain sounds way more fun than the cranky WALNUTS! we're stuck with now.

I remember one frigid New Hampshire night, somewhere along Interstate 93. McCain held court, and we crowded around. He ruminated a bit about health care (he confessed that the issue bored him), gossiped about some people he didn't like (signaling his distaste by rolling his eyes), reminisced about his days as a carousing Navy flyboy (he said he dated an exotic dancer named "Marie the Flame Thrower of Florida"), and there were rollicking good vibes as we rolled along.

Marie the Flame Thrower of Florida? John McCain apparently spent his youth in a mildly ribald Danny Kaye song.

Welcome to McCain's Flip-Flop Express []


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