John Roberts Fell And Hit His Head, Clinton Hit Squad Thwarted Again


Chief Justice John Roberts spent a night in the hospital last month after he fell and hit his head, the Washington Post reports. Fortunately, it was not a serious injury and Roberts is expected to keep on pissing off Donald Trump when he's not pissing off all the rest of us.

The 65-year-old chief justice was taken by ambulance to a hospital after the June 21 incident at the Chevy Chase Club, which was serious enough to require sutures. He stayed at the hospital overnight for observation and was released the next morning.

Roberts didn't make the tumble public, and the Post only learned of it from a tipster, who said others at the club saw the fall and that Roberts's head was covered in blood. Which, as we learned from some movie or another — Twister? — can be misleading, since minor scalp wounds can bleed like a stuck pig. Which, coincidentally, is how Donald Trump squealed when Roberts ruled his administration had done sloppy homework in its attempt to repeal DACA.

A Supreme Court spokesperson, Kathleen Arberg, confirmed the injury in response to an inquiry from the Post, and said doctors didn't believe the falls were related to two seizures Roberts had suffered in the past, one in 1993, the other in 2007. Arberg's statement said,

The Chief Justice was treated at a hospital on June 21 for an injury to his forehead sustained in a fall while walking for exercise near his home. The injury required sutures, and out of an abundance of caution, he stayed in the hospital overnight and was discharged the next morning. His doctors ruled out a seizure. They believe the fall was likely due to light-headedness caused by dehydration.

WaPo notes that the statement "did not address why Roberts had not disclosed his hospitalization," and noted that traditionally, it's been up to individual justices to decide how they share medical information with the public. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for instance,

has been open about her many medical issues, which include several bouts with cancer. The 87-year-old was recently diagnosed with a gall bladder condition that required hospitalization. She participated in one of the court's teleconference hearings in May from her hospital room.

That may well be due to her Terminator-like tenacity, which will have her on the Court and kicking ass Ruthfully for as long as she wants, we hope.

While wingnuts are already making very funny jokes about how Roberts hit his head and turned into a lib, hurr hurr, we wish him — in keeping with our commenting rules — nothing but good health. Until he dies of natural causes, alone, unloved, and haunted by the knowledge of what he's done to democracy.

[Washington Post]

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