Nick / Standing around / All the right people / Crawling / Tennis on Tuesday / The ladder is long / It is your nature /You've gotta suntan / Football on Sunday / Society boySex Pistols/Public Image Ltd. frontman John "Johnny" Rotten Lydon lives in Los Angeles, America, and apparently has lived here a while. He has opinions about the politics, too! Because he's smart, his opinions are kind of entertaining. Here's what Lydon says about 2008 and Iraq and how America must use whatever means necessary to stop Rudy Giuliani. It's all from a new interview in Spinner.

Your opinion of British politics is literally on the record, but what's your take on the current American political scene?

Well, you're very aware that no matter what the entire country says, [George Bush is] the president and he will carry on business as usual, and nothing and no one can stop him. Are you not worried that this is setting a clear-cut example for the next f---er to get in to be 10 times worse than this? What is wrong with this system? I live here. I view myself as an American and it worries the f--- out of me. You're welcoming dictatorship with this ongoing process -- hello, there's the monarchy. We're right back to "no future."

I guess I was holding out hope ...

... that Hillary's going to save the day? No. There's a woman with a vendetta. She's got to get one back on manhood. Be very, very aware: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Obama's dense as a doorbell, not much going on up there, it's a wooden top. You need someone really, really on the money.

Who would that person be?

Unfortunately, the woman scorned [laughs]. These are tough choices, but it can't be a Republican. They destroyed any values that party ever had, and my way of looking at politics is this: Left, right, I want the best of all of it. And no one's going to affiliate me completely to one way or the other. I want what works.

Whoever comes next can't be worse than Bush.

You want to bet? World War I Germany thought that and it ended up in World War II with Hitler.

For me that points to Rudy Giuliani -- I'm not a fan of his at all.

No, that's a very bad piece of work. Very dangerous. Scary to high hell. You've got to stop them. You've got to. You look at Mitt Romney and you know that's corrupt from head to toe, that is everything wrong in a man, the vanity onwards. Who do I like? Who's the crazy one [laughs]? There are a couple of Democrats there that just speak it. [Dennis Kucinich] is hilarious, but he ain't no sex god. It's packaging, but I want to hear values, I want to hear true principles and I don't want to hear nonsense like, "When I get in, we'll be pulling out [of Iraq] straightaway." That's guaranteeing a bullet in the back of the head real quick. Don't do that. Sort it out or admit that was a failure, but don't ignore it, 'cause we've all got to carry on living in this world and this problem is only going to escalate. I want answers now. I want some serious thought in it.

Much more in the Q&A.

Johnny Rotten Judges Pop Stars and Politicians [Spinner Interview]


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