secretary%20john%20snow%20john%20w%20snow.jpgNow that Andrew Card has resigned as White House chief of staff, the parlor game has begun. Everyone is speculating: Is this just the first of a string of resignations? If so, who will be heading out the door next?

Last week, Fred Barnes recommended that President Bush make some sweeping personnel changes: Condoleezza Rice to replace Dick Cheney as VP, Cheney to replace Donald Rumsfeld as DefSec, and replacements of Scott McClellan, Andy Card, and John Snow. Now that part of Barnes's plan has come to pass -- Card's departure -- the question becomes: What other changes are on the way?

It's unlikely that Bush will go as far as Barnes and others have suggested. If only one of these changes will come to pass, bet on John Snow to be replaced as Treasury Secretary. The mainstream media has been rife with rumors about his departure, including the gossip that he agreed last fall to resign sometime this year. In addition, his reduced visibility as of late has been noted.

One Wonkette source, who correctly predicted Card's resignation, cites "strong indicators" of Snow's imminent departure. "I'd look for an announcement soon. Don't be surprised to see Snow depart within the next 10 days."

Very interesting... If you have anything to add on this subject, feel free to drop us a line.

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