John Stamos Is David Letterman Minus The Sex Appeal

  • Senate Democrats have reached some sort of "compromise" with their health care bill, which involves making everybody over the age of 55 automatically Olde and also there is something with nonprofits and exchanges and a public option thing that is not the public option. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The past ten years were the supersmoking hottest in the history of Ever. [ABC News]
  • White House "Indian Food Night" sleazebag gatecrashers Whatsis and Whatser Salahi will plead the Fifth if called before Congress to explain who ate all the papadums. [AP]
  • John Stamos was the victim of an alleged extortion plot involving two people who threatened to go public with pictures of Stamos posing with fans. These photos would be terribly damaging and embarrassing if they got out, because until now it was assumed that Stamos did not have any fans. [New York Post]
  • A kinder, gentler method of execution (massive dose of barbiturates followed by 14 hours of Matlock) will probably not gain traction among inveterate haters of the death penalty. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Being lonely makes your boobs fall off. []

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