John Sununu: Fire Alberto Gonzales

How's Gitmo this time of year, pretty good? - WonketteGOP Senator John Sununu (as in Son of Bush 41 chief of staff John Sununu) says Alberto's gotta go, now, and Bush Jr. has to fire him. Sununu released this statement today: "The President should fire the Attorney General and replace him as soon as possible with someone who can provide strong, aggressive leadership prosecuting the war on terrorism, running the Department of Justice, and working with the President and Congress on important homeland security matters."

Sour Harry Reid says it's all over now for Torture Boy: "I think he is gone. I don't think he'll last long," Reid told reporters in Nevada today. How long will Gonzo last? "Days."

In a different world, having the Senate leader and a GOP senator whose father ran the White House for the current president's father say the AG needed to be immediately fired would probably result in the president replacing the AG. Even Nixon followed these rules, to a degree. But we are not in the crooked, corrupt yet slightly-reasonable world that existed before 2001. We are in the new Crazy End Times world, where "Cheney will just nuke Iran" is both punchline and prophecy.

First GOP senator says Bush should fire Gonzales [The Hill]


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