John W. Kerry

John Kerry's sure excited about his new campaign slogan! Yesterday, he got so into the whole "W is for. . . " meme that he attributed it to the Treasury secretary, calling him "John W. Snow." Luckily, Snow's middle initial is W. And, anyway, said Kerry, "Well, he's wrong too." Nice save!

Kerry was not so lucky when he encouraged audience members to find out more about domestic policies: "Go to a web site. It can be or go some other place. Go to, if there is one, and find out what's really happening."

Uhm, yeah, "" Because that's where you get truth. We have it in our bookmarks, right next to "" Kidding. Actually, is where you can find out about Truth Hardware.

Oh, and "" doesn't even exist.

Kerry: 'W' in Bush's Name Stands for Wrong [AP/Yahoo]


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