PL_CNR.jpgHey, come on back here after work for our exclusive and terribly exciting LOVE-BLOGGING of the Great Gay Debate! It's 9-11 pm EDT on something called "Logo," the gay channel. We don't think we get Logo so we'll just be watching it on the internet and it'll presumably be glitchy and hard to see and understand so hey maybe we'll end up liveblogging Big Brother instead. It'll be fun!

And this Logo channel -- the Gay Network That's Not Bravo -- is the perfect place to host the Democratic candidates in this important discussion of how to pander to an important liberal voting bloc while not delivering anything for 25 years. Look how excited they are!
After they've convinced Mike Gravel to stop making some insane point about voting reform by repeatedly trying to make out with the moderator or something you can check out the new Junior Senior!


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