Jon Huntsman Surprised By GOP Candidates All Being Insane Idiots


Barack Obama's Republican ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, would like to continue the Bush-Obama presidencies by becoming president in 2012. But that requires running as the GOP's Republican, since the Democrats already have one who is also the incumbent, so Huntsman has been quite surprised to find out that his fellow 2012 candidates are a bunch of dangerous mental patients:

The Salt Lake Tribune reports on Hunstman describing his shock while speaking to his five Republican supporters:

"This is an interesting experience, for those of you who haven't run for president," he said. "You stand up on the stage in the debate like we did the other night and look around and say, "Whoa, where'd these folks come from? What an interesting assortment of characters!"

Just hang in there, Jon! Running against Obama after he appointed you ambassador is a time-tested way to get Obama to give you an even sweeter job! Welcome to the vice president's residence, Jon! [Salt Lake Tribune]


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