Jon Klein Lurvs Anderson Cooper THIS MUCH

See Anderson EmoteWe hear now that CNN is going to an all Wolf Blitzer/Anderson Cooper format, brazenly kissing goodbye all those "Just for Men" ad dollars and securing their niche as the network whose programming can be determined by a coin toss. Despite Blitzer's superhuman ability to remain on air 25 hours a day, net head Jon Klein likes Anderson best. Why? Because his Katrina coverage showed he's "got that magical something." Insert "well, he is a little fairy" joke here. Klein also said that Cooper's "name has been on the tip of everyone's tongue" and that "America is embracing Anderson Cooper." Added Klein: "We want to expose Anderson and Wolf to more people." Whoa, Jon, save that talk for when you're running Cinemax, eh?

CNN Ousts Evening Anchor and Embraces Rising Star [NYT]

Anderson Cooper, CNN's Man of the Hour [WP]


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