Best. Daily Show. Graphic. Evar.Jon Stewart summed up our national reality Thursday: "Let's begin with guns, because this is America, and everything begins -- and sometimes ends -- with guns." And so we are treated to a brief review of the recent pas de derp between Open Carry Texas and the NRA. The NRA foolishly suggested something reasonable -- hey, scaring people may not win allies to our cause, and looks weird -- and then the Texas gun fondlers fired back (mostly rhetorically), and ultimately the NRA apologized for saying that groups of AR-15-toting loons in fast food joints was weird. Cue the B-Roll footage of a douchey guy in a trilby hat saying "I'm about to show you how to get a Slurpee with an AK-47." And the gun-humpers at a Chili's where, Stewart noted, patrons suddenly had to worry about "lethal threats that aren't smothered in cheese, pork, and ranch dressing[.]"


Doktor Zoom

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