Jon Stewart: Knows a Dick When He Sees One

Media junkie Seth Mnookin showed up on Jon Stewart last night, pimping his apparently fabulous narrative account of the Jayson Blair disaster. Stewart seemed to take particular pleasure in a specific aspect of the book: downfall of Howell Raines. A man he dislikes so much, he doesn't even remember his name.

STEWART: [This scandal is really] the product of narcissism and arrogance of the leader of the NYT times... When you read a book [about this] you expect [Blair] to be the villian.. but [here] you get the sense that this Howard Raines character...

MNOOKIN: Or Howell, even

STEWART: Howell, whatever... is a dick. And I don't use that word lightly, I've only used it one other time on TV.


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