Jon Stewart Mocks Sean Hannity's 'Shocking' Expose of Spring Break Debauchery (Video)


You just know he could have gone on with the twerking puns for another 5 minutesHere's Jon Stewart with the only reasonable response to the full week of coverage that Fox News's Sean Hannity gave to the alleged horrors of Spring Break: "You will believe what they found, because you know" -- drinking, sex, drinking, and sex. Still, you have to admit it takes some guts for Hannity to pretend that he has actually uncovered a shocking surprise, a mere decade after The Real Cancun made a few bucks for MTV. "Women take their tops off! ... Drinking, drugs, risky behavior, sometimes with tragic results." By golly, if one were of a cynical cast of mind, they might almost conclude that, as Stewart says, the entire 5-day exposé was "less of a news story and more of a reason to spend a week running wildly inappropriate T&A footage alongside pundits tssking said footage."


Doktor Zoom

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