Jon Stewart Wonders How Fox & CNN Made All Those 'Hard Choices' In Hillary Interviews (Video)


Jon's not happy with these guysJon Stewart was pretty impressed with how well the capture of Benghazi attacker Ahmed Abu Khattala went. He couldn't find a single thing wrong with the operation -- "which is probably why I don't work at Fox." Ah, but America's greatest news network found flaws -- after all, it would have been easy for a pack of cub scouts to seize Khattala, since he spent his days lounging around hotels being interviewed by journalists, and, according to Fox, always "sipping" something -- a latte, a strawberry frappé, mango juice, you name it. And then there's the stupider complaints: the timing of the capture, which obviously happened because Hillary Clinton was appearing on Fox Tuesday. "Normally, to find that level of sophisticated understanding of causality, you would have to talk to a two-year old."


Doktor Zoom

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