Jonah Goldberg Is So Gay For Mormons


  • Police are going to use truth serum (probably just pinot noir) on the only surviving Mumbai terrorist. [Daily Beast]
  • Harvard is in a recession too! The elitist madrassa where Barry spent his formative years managed to lose 22% of it's $36.9 billion endowment in four months. [HuffPost]
  • According to Jonah Goldberg, the real victims of Proposition 8 are the Mormons, who were in no way affected by Proposition 8 or any of its outcomes. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Obama loved his new boyfriend Bill Richardson better when he did the whole bear thing. "We're deeply disappointed with the loss of the beard," Obama said at a press conference, which was probably held in some art gallery in Providence. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • The forgotten territory of Oklahoma is celebrating the completely irrelevant fact that John McCain won the state with a dumb Christmas card. [Ben Smith]

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