Jose Canseco Grows His Steroid-Shrunken Testes Enough To Tweet Rape Accuser's Phone Number, Like A Man


Good news everyone — we've got a brand new story about Jose Canseco, the pathetic, washed-up, wife-beating, bankrupted pus-sac that hit a gillion home runs, got all his friends to do steroids, then wrote a book tattling on all of them.

The PED trailblazer has also jumped into new ways of abusing women: Moving on from his traditional "ram my wife's car" maneuver, he's decided to publically respond to rape allegations (bad idea) on Twitter (even worse) by tweeting his accuser's name (horrible) and phone number (fucking impossible to get any more awful).

It's not really clear what's going on, because the super-tough Bash Bro deleted most of the tweets (and only had like, seven brain cells on the project in the first place), but it looks like he tweeted about being "charged with rape," though Buzzfeed says charges haven't been filed. He then tweeted what looks like photos of the woman he says is accusing him, and then, of course, he tweeted her phone number.

In case you were for some reason thinking this is the first time he has done this, it is not. Back in 2011, Jose tweeted the cell phone number of a bikini model who dumped him; this, surprisingly, did not go very well for her. He called Yr Wonket a piece of shit, back when we were but a small intern in Miami, so we put Canseco's cell phone number in the newspaper.

"Piece of shit," though, doesn't seem very far off — posting somebody's cell phone number is a pretty shitty thing to do, especially when you have, say 511,000 Twitter followers, and are doing it to intimidate a victim of an alleged sexual assault.

Anyway, the voicemail at 818-903-6598 still says it belongs to Jose Canseco, so maybe give him a ring and ask him how somebody constructed entirely out of diarrhea has the motor skills to answer the phone in the first place.


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