Joseph Ratzinger's Bishops: Too Much Boy Rapin', Or Not Enough?


Hello, Satan!How beloved Nazi Pope Joseph Ratzinger handled two Austrian bishops and their various sex crimes back in the 1980s is apparently a "Rorschach test," in that those slavish followers of the Evil Pontiff say (in German) that he did "pretty great" by encouraging the promotion of one relentless child-fucker over another bishop who is only accused of hiding an immense stash of priest-on-priest sexytime pictures and child pornography, while others describe these powerful Vatican officials raping children as "wrong."

Meet the bishops:

Father Krenn, who became a bishop in 1987, also had a reputation for being a loose cannon. In 2004, he had to retire early after dismissing the discovery at his seminary of a large cache of child pornography and images of young priests having sex as “boyish pranks.”

Not so bad compared to the Ratzinger's guy:

Four Austrian bishops, including his successor in Vienna, Archbishop Christoph Schönborn, now a cardinal, have deemed the accusations against Cardinal Groër accurate with “moral certainty.” Some of his young victims, whose estimated number ranges from half a dozen to 30, later recounted how he would ask them to come to his room for confession, demand they take off their clothes and then abuse them.

Aren't these people all fantastic? [New York Times]


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