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It's A Denial-Filled Sunday Show Rundown!

We watch the Sunday shows so you never have to.

MAGA chuds, racists, transphobes and general scumbags are having a really tough time since Election Day. Just this weekend alone, delusional die-hard idiots were in Washington DC to once again cry about an election they lost, threaten to secede and start a new Civil War, and wear kilts to show their unwashed asses as they tore Black Lives Matter banners from historical black churches.

You know, "patriot" shit.

Exemplifying their state of denial was Republican House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Scalise still wouldn't call Joe Biden the President-elect:

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New York Post Now Doxxing Random Cam Girls For No Reason

Their article reads like an incel revenge fantasy.

In this economy, with the pandemic leading to a whole lot of people losing their jobs, many Americans have turned to making some extra cash on OnlyFans. Yes, there are some personal trainers and chefs doing their thing on the site, but most of its 450,000+ content creators are selling sexy pictures or videos of themselves. And not all of them want people they know in real life to know about that.

This weekend, for reasons it is difficult to even begin to comprehend, Dean Balsamini and Susan Edelman of the New York Post decided to write an article outing a paramedic's OnlyFans side hustle. The woman, whom we will refer only to by her first name, "Lauren," because we are not monsters, had agreed to speak to the Post on the condition of anonymity. Instead, not only did they reveal her name, they contacted her place of work "multiple" times and also asked a male "veteran FDNY paramedic" for his take on the situation.

The article, titled "NYC medic helped 'make ends meet' with racy OnlyFans side gig," features a side-by-side comparison of a picture of Lauren in real life, in her paramedic uniform, next to one of her OnlyFans pictures. It included several quotes from Lauren about why she chose to do both kinds of work, information about how she had initially gone to New York to pursue a career in musical theater, how little paramedics get paid and her family's financial situation.

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Right Wing Extremism

A Cavalcade Of Cowards! Your Sunday Show Rundown

Surprise, they were all GOP cowards.

After Donald Trump made an appearance in Georgia on Saturday night to whine about faux grievances, barely giving the uncharismatic senators GOP he was there to stump for any time to awkwardly shower him with praise ...

… it was time for the cavalcade of Republican cowards to come to the Sunday shows.

There is such a wide spectrum of cowardice within the Republican party. There the "good Republicans" who still voted/will vote for Republicans despite being villainized by their own party. Then there's the cowardice of refusing to accept you will forever be remembered as the last mouthpiece of Donald Trump. For instance, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany desperately begging Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp to do crimes to appease Trump.

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Conspiracy Theories

It's The Schrödinger's Election Fraud Theory Of Sunday Show GOP Idiots!

Time for the thing we do every Monday!

Donald Trump was in horrible mood on Sunday, like he is most days now after a devastating loss to President-elect Joe Biden, and also the days before that. He whined and rambled to Fox News's very own North Korean-like propaganda "news anchor" Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures." But his inability to accept his loss and his need for fatalistic loyalty are causing an interesting twist of logic for Republicans looking to win two very critical Senate seats in my current home BLUE state of Georgia. It's basically Schrödinger's Election Fraud Theory.

On CNN's "State Of The Union," host Dana Bash tried to get GOP Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri just to admit Biden won:

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) goes on CNN to represent Republican Party's cowardly stance on Democracy www.youtube.com

BASH: Do you accept the fact that Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States?

BLUNT: Well, we are certainly moving forward as if that what is going to happen on January the 20th. […] But the president wants to see this process play out. The president-elect technically has to be elected president by the electors. That happens in the middle of December. And then on January the 6th [... blah blah blah ... ] But we are working with the Biden administration, likely administration, on both the transition and the inauguration as if we are moving forward.

Blunt basically is hedging for the future when this CNN footage will be used against him to show he was one of many spineless Republicans shamefully catering to a bankrupt (morally and financially) one-term president and reality TV "star."

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