Journalists? Unstylish? We'll Believe It When We See It!

bigsuit.jpgAll right, we have a couple questions about this Hill piece.

* Reporters don't dress very well. This is news?

* Why is this piece unbylined? Who the hell is the "The Fashion Critic" and why mustn't he or she be named? To allow her to pass amongst real journalists unrecognized as she observes them in their natural habitats? Based on the tone of the piece, we're leaning towards any Hill writer with experience as a High School Vice Principal.

* And, most obviously, the mystery worthy of an independent prosecutor: Who is this?

That may be true, but some get-ups are intolerable, such as the tan pants and blue-and-white-striped shirt with a clashing orange-and-blue-striped tie worn by a reporter in the Senate last week.

Send your guesses to the usual place. For now, we're gonna say it's Milbank.

The Uniform Shows Respect, but Some Reporters Have to Rebels [The Hill]


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