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Maid Cleaning House Flips When She Sees The Owner! Tabs, Mon., Sept. 28, 2020


Well, this is a lot to digest! New York Times got that son of a bitch's taxes. And you're going to be MAD. (NYT)

My, that was an hour WELL-SPENT. See you soon!

There's been a whistleblower on "political interference in Trump's IRS audit" since early 2019, just as a reminderer. (Old tab, HuffPost)

You know who else didn't pay any taxes for a decade? Jared Kushner, surprise! (Old tab, NYT)

Maybe we should enforce the tax laws we still have? — Old tab, American Progress

And why didn't the House already have them? Ask Richard Neal. (Old tab, Prospect)

How the IRS was gutted. — Old tab, ProPublica

The nation's poorest region, the Mississippi Delta, is the most audited. — Old tab, Mississippi Today

Fuckin' tell em Frank.

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GOP Would Hate For You To Think They're Not Craven POSes

It's your Sunday show rundown.

I can't put into words what a loss the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is. Better people have eulogized this legendary woman who fought for justice and equality for all. The saddest part for me is that we haven't gotten nor will get a moment to properly mourn her because of this political moment in time. Like many, my initial reaction was howling about how this affected the Supreme Court and this election instead of her legacy. We all knew the jowled bastard that is Mitch McConnell, who stole Obama's final Supreme Court nomination and then promised that he would break that "No SCOTUS confirmation on an election year" precedent last year, was so craven. He even began laying the tracks to excuse his and the GOP Senate's hypocrisy in February this year.

And it's clear from the Republicans on the Sunday shows that they were handed this script to get in lock-step. We know a weird little online freak like Ted Cruz and a literal actual fascist like Tom Cotton would not hesitate to do Trump's bidding, so let's focus on two lesser attention-seeking Sunday show fuckheads instead.

On CNN's "State Of The Union," Jake Tapper hosted Mike Pence's Chief of Staff and homophobic scumbag, Marc Short.

Tapper played a clip of Trump as a candidate in 2016, and then pointed out the obvious hypocrisy with his question (which was repeated in various forms by all the Sunday hosts) to Short:

TAPPER: So, the Trump position for a Democratic president was delay, delay, delay. But, for him, it's urgent to confirm someone now. How do you push back against the impression voters are going to have that there seems to be absolutely no principle at stake here; it's just about raw power?

Short then repeated McConnell's revisionist history script, proving that this is the logic Trump will try and mangle sometime this week to excuse his attempt to steal a second SCOTUS seat. But while noting that "logic," Tapper pointed out a bit of a historical hiccup:

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joe biden

Joe Biden Slaps Trump Upside Head At His RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED CNN Town Hall

Old Senile Joe or memorized answers, it's always so tough for Republicans to decide.

Joe Biden once again showed what a real president is supposed to look like at his CNN town hall Thursday. He was informed, empathetic, a functioning adult. He was everything President Herd Mentality was not during his ABC train wreck Tuesday.

Anderson Cooper moderated the town hall in Moosic, Pennsylvania, not far from Biden's boyhood home, which we're not sure if you were aware was in Scranton. It was a drive-in format, so people wouldn't die. We know Biden performed well, because conservative media insisted the former vice president was treated with “kid gloves" and the "softball" event wasn't going to prepare Biden for the debates. The other day, they claimed Trump was “ambushed" by ninjas posing as undecided voters, so it's not like this paper tiger is going to maul Biden when they finally face each other. The president can't even handle Dr. Ellesia Blaque, the greatest woman in the world, who told Trump to shut his stupid mouth and let her finish speaking.

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino whined on Sean Hannity's show that CNN's town hall "should be an in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign."

BONGINO: Compare what happened to him, to what happened to Trump.

If you insist: Trump was asked serious questions and responded with mental fart noises. Biden actually assembled words into sentences that weren't just lies and paranoid delusions separated by the occasional comma. He nailed Trump for deliberately downplaying the threat of COVID-19, which led to the deaths of almost 200,000 Americans ... so far. Biden was almost overcome with rage when discussing how Trump had reportedly called service members “losers" and “suckers."

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Alan Dershowitz Sues CNN For Playing His Own Words

We didn't realize having to listen to Alan Dershowitz speak was something you could sue the media for.

Alan Dershowitz is BIG MAD at CNN.

He thinks CNN made him look like "a constitutional scholar and intellectual who had lost his mind."

"And how did CNN do that?" you ask.

By playing tape of ... wait for it ... Alan Dershowitz.

I was really excited to read this, and y'all ... it did not disappoint.

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