Senate's Dumbest Republican Defends Title On 'Meet The Press'

It's your first Sunday show rundown of 2021!

2020 sucked in all the worst possible ways, and it seems 2021 will begin with 2020's death throes. So with that said, let's take a look at the first Sunday shows of 2021!

We begin with GOP Senator Ron Johnson, Wonkette's 2020 Legislative Shitheel and Senate's Dumbest Republican. Appearing on NBC's "Meet The Press," Johnson defended his titles while making (gasp!) Chuck Todd do his first journalism of 2021:

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Uh Oh, The Wall Street Journal Hates Trump Now Too!


It appears the message has gone out across all the Rupert Murdoch-owned media organs, at least the ones that print their crap on pages. Donald Trump is finished, and he's fucking the Republican Party sideways in its quest to win the runoffs in Georgia and thus retain control of the Senate for Moscow Mitch McConnell.

This morning, we told you about the editorial in the New York Post, which endorsed Trump and has been nothing but sweet to him during his presidency. That editorial was mean, and called Trump's favorite friends Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn "a crazy person" and "tantamount to treason," respectively.

Now let's look at the version printed in the Wall Street Journal AKA the Very Serious Newspaper owned by Murdoch. Its message to Trump is ... well, I'll be! It's GTFO, just like they said in the Post. Of course, their headline is more Very Serious, about "Trump Gives Schumer an Assist," and the editorial whines about how Trump has messed EVERYTHING up for poor Mitch McConnell with his demand for $2,000 stimulus payments to Americans, which of course Democrats have used to their advantage like the hilarious political gift it is from President Arty McDeals.

"Never mind that the $2,000 would go to tens of millions of Americans who have kept their jobs and maintained their incomes during the pandemic," the Wall Street Journal complains, about those ungrateful Americans who don't even "need" $2,000 in the middle of a pandemic, because of how they've managed to keep it together, some of them barely. Many of them will even waste it on things that aren't oil drilling bids!

But if you read on to the last two paragraphs, that's where the editorial, from The Editorial Board, gets more fun. It's also where they directly blame Trump for losing those two Georgia Senate seats, if that indeed happens:

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New York Post Sends Four Letters To Donald Trump: G, T, F And O.

Yay, they're still eating each other!

This post is about the editorial page of the New York Post, not the New York Times. We are talking about the Rupert Murdoch-owned organ that was more than willing to publish whatever it smelled in Rudy Giuliani's farts about a Hunter Biden laptop nobody besides (maybe) Rudy has ever seen. And it is DONE with Donald Trump.

It's cute, because the New York Post is a total idiot, and in this front-page editorial writes about things like Trump's "legacy," as if Trump's presidency will ever be remembered as anything besides a stain on recent American history. But its message is clear: Get the fuck out. "Give it up, Mr. President -- for your sake and the nation's." That's the headline. In the print edition, the cover says "STOP THE INSANITY."

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Your Sunday Show Rundown Is Mostly About GOP Sen. John Barrasso Being An A-Hole

The GOP is very humanitarian and good. Obviously.

With just a few days to go before Christmas, the GOP has decided that putting the most minimal effort they can should earn them awards for their "courage." Like rotten children trying to do last-minute chores to stave off their well deserved lumps of coal, the GOP is trying to pretend it always does good.

An excellent example of this would be Wyoming GOP senator and third ranking member of Republican Senate leadership, John Barrasso, on "Fox News Sunday":

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