Judge Who Ruled Against Arizona Immigration Law Getting 'Perverted' Messages From Haters


U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton high-fived a bunch of illegal immigrants the other day andruled against the parts of Arizona's immigration law that would have made them melt. BUT NOW REAL AMERICA IS ANGRY. You see, "some of the messages sent to Bolton are positive, but others are 'from people venting and who have expressed their displeasure in a perverted way.'" Haha. "My cock hates illegal immigrants so now you have to ANSWER to my cock, which you can see in this photo I sent along."

People have too much spare time in America these days, despite what the Pizza Hut commercials will have you believe. Or maybe not? Maybe just the unemployed have too much time, and also they are increasingly crazy because they are unemployed. So maybe we should give them jobs. The point is: If you are mentioned at all in the media these days, people will send you death threats and such.

SO GET OVER YOURSELF, SUSAN BOLTON. Nobody cares that people sent you pictures of them sticking your immigration law ruling in their asses. It would only be news if they didn't. [AP]


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