Judiciary Committee Finally Issues Contempt Resolutions Against Bolten, Rove, Miers

is mark foley running the AP photo department these days?Remember that horrific U.S. attorney firing scandal? You know, the one that was extraordinarily illegal and should be guaranteeing Democrats electoral dominance for the next 50 years, if they weren't so bad at exploiting it? Well, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved contempt resolutions this morning against Karl Rove and White House chief of staff Josh Bolten for ignoring it. So... does this mean we get to put Alberto Gonzales in the pokey any time soon?

The Judiciary Committee voted 12-8 in favor of the resolutions, which stem from the aforementioned White House staff's declaration of executive privelege in not testifying against the obvious damage the firings did to the concept of justice. And the Second Funniest Man in Washington voted for it, despite the obvious damage it does to his still-Republican soul (from Politico):

"It is a vote that I would prefer not to make," [Arlen] Specter said. "It is a vote I make with reluctance."

And according to a statement from White House press secretary Dana "Cuban Missile Crisis says whaa?" Perino, Specter is a Demrat:

"Senate Democrats are showing that they're more interested in headlines than serious legislation, and they should be fully aware of the futility of pressing ahead on this... It has long been understood that, in circumstances like these, that the constitutional prerogatives of the President would make it a futile and purely political act for Congress to refer contempt citations to U.S. Attorneys."

Next thing ya know, the Demrats will be impeaching the president for getting head! That could take up, like, a whole year of national headline-grabbing, and maybe even still affect the way people view an entire political party.

Senate Judiciary approves contempt resolutions against Rove, Bolten [Politico]


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