Judy Miller Breathless, Nervous, Thirsty, Nervous

America's Sweetheart Judy Miller testified today in the Scooter Libby trial, which is apparently still going on. She became the 10 millionth witness to claim that Scooter was chatting everyone up about Valerie Plame a couple weeks before he claims Tim Russert told him the magical story of the CIA operative wife. We're sure Scooter's really pleased with his decision to release her from her totally imaginary vow of confidentiality.

Oh, did we mention that there are bloggers at the trial? No, for serious! And, because there is no god, they are "liveblogging" it!

Judy back. Looks like she's doing breathing exercises, pouring herself water. Got out of chair and is now back. Gets more water. Thanks person who brings more. Looking around cautiously. Closes eyes. Breathes. Breathes out. Looking straight foward. Head darts nervously. Staring forward. Shifts in chair. Looks toward Libby's team? Looks towawrd lawyers. Adjusts blouse. Looks at lawyers again. looks down, folds arms. Looks down. Looks toward Libby's team. Folds arms, leans back, turning in swivel chair. Takes glasses off. Looks for tissue to wipe her hands.

Old media, we're sorry. Please, take us back. We promise not to stray anymore.

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