Judy Miller Kisses Scooter's Aspen

Leak FreakBy her own and the New York Times' account, Judith Miller was extraordinary close to her source, Scooter Libby. Some around Washington even speculate she was in bed with him. We don't care if she was sleeping with the enemy. We're concerned, however, that she didn't fuck him. Miller apparently felt that she owed more to Libby than she did the public; of course, the public never had breakfast with her at the St. Regis, so fuck them.

"Miss Run Amok" appears to have done just that, hijacking the New York Times into the Paper of Off the Record and leveraging her own jail stint into de facto censorship, killing one story on administration's role in leaking a CIA agent's name and refusing to assign others. And it didn't end there: The New York Observer reports that Miller dragged her feet on writing her own piece on the leak investigation for so long that the paper's entire package (including the 6K word report on the paper's internal investigation) was held from early editions. There's a word to describe going to jail as a First Amendment martyr only to have your paper restrict its own coverage -- that word is "bullshit." Miller says that when her second attorney, Robert Bennett approached her, he said: "I don't want to represent a principle. I want to represent Judy Miller." And that's good, because Judith Miller doesn't represent a principle, either.

The Miller Case: A Notebook, a Cause, a Jail Cell and a Deal [NYT]

NYT: Miller's Delays Made Story Miss Deadline [NYO]


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