Judy Miller's Jail (Lite)

Like Oz But Without The RapeSending the NYT's Judith Miller to jail should have a bright side beyond stopping her from writing. You know: image of bruised but noble scribe, trapped in stone walls for daring to uphold our country's basic values. Slap a stoic visage on a postcard, donations to the Committee to Protect Journalist pour in.

Unfortunately, Judy Miller's hoosegow is less than picturesque, at least in a donations-pouring-in way. From the Alexandria Detention Center website:

The area is bright, sunny, and clean. The furniture-sofa and chairs-is comfortable and clean. The carpet on the floor is unstained. No one has scratched his or her initials in the paints or on the wood tables. Windows allow a view of the outside. Despite all the activity, the room is relatively quiet. The television volume is low, and no one is shouting.
Comfortable chairs? Bright, sunny? Quiet? Have you been to the Times newsroom lately? Man, they're gonna be jealous.

Then again, it was always Judy who did most of the shouting. And almost all the carpet-staining.

A New Generation Jail [Alexandria Detention Center via E&P]


The Source of the Trouble [NY Magazine]


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