Judy Speaks, Just Doesn't Remember Who She Was Talking To

Judy Sings Off KeyWe will leave it to other, more sober critics to analyze the full meaning of Judith Miller's less-than-blockbuster revelations about her dealings with Scooter Libby. (Cowboy hat? Hill staffer? Maybe they did have an affair...) What jumped out at us was Ms. Miller's apparent mild dyslexia: In her notes, she's 0 for 2 as to the exact identity of Valerie Wilson, referring to her once as "Valerie Flame" and again as "Victoria Wilson." We feel enormous sympathy for her and her disability and feel this explains a lot about Miller's past reporting. For instance, in 2002, she was convinced that Saddam was developing a successor to '80s hair band OMD. In addition, we understand that during the war she believed herself to be embedded in Iran.

My Four Hours Testifying in the Federal Grand Jury Room [NYT]


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