She's single, fellas! - WonketteGood news wealthy status-seeking bachelors of Washington: Juleanna Glover Weiss is on the market. The lobbyist/consultant/hostess/spokeswoman is divorcing Jeffrey Weiss, her husband of 10 years, according to yesterday's Reliable Source. The couple are known for their pretty awesome-for-Washington parties at their Kalorama home, which Juleanna started occasionally inviting us to after we made fun of her boss, John Ashcroft.

Glover Weiss is "38, financially independent, and [a] self-made woman," according to a text we got from her sister yesterday. (We'll vouch for all of that.) (Her sister is occasional Wonkette videographer Liz Glover.)

And according to today's Yeas and Nays, Julie's keeping the house, and already throwing solo parties. Which means the billionaire Republican suitors (and hell, Democrats too -- it's Washington, we're flexible) will soon be lining up around the block, bothering the hell out of her neighbors at the Sri Lankan embassy and generally turning into a hilarious screwball comedy. Ralph Bellamys of DC, this is your chance!

The Show Must Go On [Examiner]

Reliable Source [WP]


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