Juli Weiner To Anthony Weiner, On Weiner Jokes: ‘It Gets Better’


Former Wonkette editor Juli Weiner has something special to tell hard-on-having congressman Anthony Weiner:

Dear Congressman Weiner,

Hi! My name is Juli Weiner. Although I am a brunette in my early twenties, you do not follow me on Twitter. So, I don’t know whether that photo has anything to do with your genitals—and, actually, you don’t really seem to know either—but I just wanted to say that I understand that all the teasing, jokes, headlines, chyrons, and puns must make you sad. I am reaching out to you today because like you, my last name is pronounced “wee-ner.”

Haha, we actually always pronounced it "Why-nerr," like they do in Germany and Austria, because Wonkette Jr. is actually Hitler. (Kidding!) [Vanity Fair]


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