Julian Castro Has A Plan For Endorsing Elizabeth Warren

Julian Castro dropped out of the presidential race last week. That's a bummer. However, he just endorsed Elizabeth Warren this morning, which is awesome! Castro declares Planmaster Liz "the most-qualified, best-equipped candidate to win the nomination." Let's grab some tissue and watch his endorsement video together. It starts with a moving shout-out to the strong women in Castro's life.

CASTRO: There's one candidate I see who's unafraid to fight like hell that America's promise will be there for everyone, who'll make sure that no matter where you live in America or where your family came from in the world, you have a path for opportunity, too. That's why I'm proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren for president.

OMG! They're so cute together in this video. Warren and Castro have a nice moment in her kitchen where she serves him tea. It's not looseleaf tea, which is preferable, but he seemed to enjoy it. She praises the campaign he ran and the important issues he spotlighted. Castro says they share a similar vision of an America where "everyone counts." I think both Castro and Warren understand that this is a new vision for America and one that requires those who support it to fight for "big, structural change" not just a "restoration" of the pre-Donald Trump days. As Warren correctly points out, a country that elects someone like Trump is already in "serious trouble." You don't just roll back the clock to "business as usual" and low-key brunches. No, as Prior Walter said, "The world only spins forward."

CASTRO: Nobody is working harder than [Warren]. Not only in meeting people but listening to people. And also, bringing the goods and saying, "Okay, this is what I'm going to do about it."

After the past few months of Warren's male Democratic rivals attacking her plans for America as too far-fetched or even too "arrogant" somehow, it's refreshing to hear a man express admiration for the smart, ambitious, and courageous campaign Warren has run. She never at any point insulted our intelligence or offered us vague platitudes instead of bold agendas. There are people running cynical, somewhat dispiriting campaigns, but their names aren't Elizabeth Warren.

WARREN: The things I hear the most from the people in the selfie lines is "hope." "Hope." Because we know what's broken and we know how to fix it. We're building a movement to get it done.

CASTRO: It takes a great president. It also takes the people behind that president. That's what you're summoning, the energy of the people, matched with a strong, positive vision for change in our country. That's what it's going to take to win in 2020.

Here I feel it necessary to note that Castro is drinking ice tea, which is a baller Texan move. I had a roommate from Yorkshire, England, during the '90s who was constantly shocked that I'd drink "cold tea" in January ... or at all (she was very English). This is how Southerners roll. Unfortunately, it's unclear if Warren served Castro properly brewed ice tea or just poured cold water over a tea bag and ice. I'm afraid it may be the latter. I love Warren but she's a Yankee, and that's the kind of shenanigans Yankees pull.

Castro will campaign with Warren at a joint rally in Brooklyn tomorrow. This is great news. Castro communicated Warren's message with passion and eloquence in just one three-minute video. He's going to fire up the crowd Tuesday and wherever he campaigns on her behalf.

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Stephen Robinson

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