Julio Removed From Schoolyard, Sent Back to Mexico

* You've probably already seen LA Confidential but if you were asleep or in a coma when it came out, or just want to relive all the seedy 1950s Hollywood magic, tonight's you're night. Starring Kim Basinger, Russel Crowe and Kevin Spacey. Free, 8pm at the American City Diner near Chevy Chase Circle. [American City Diner]

* OK so you remember last week when we said "Michael Chabon is a Pulitzer prize-winninf author whose new book, The Yiddish Policemen's Union, contemplates what would have happened if all the Jews moved to Alaska instead of Israel after World II. (Bulldoxing ingloos, security fences made of ice, etc.) If you but the book at Politics at Pose, you get two free tickets. $12, 7pm at 600 Eye St. NW"? Well, this time it's true. [Sixth and I]

* A bunch of young playwrights wrote some plays and now they're getting performed by real actors at a real theatre on some sort of tour. We don't know if they're any good or how much it costs or if it's worth going to but it might good for a date. 7pm at 1901 Mississippi Ave. SE. Call 202-387-9173 for reservations. [THEARC Theatre]

* Khaled Hosseini is from Afghanistan and he writes books about it. Tonight, he is interviewed by by Phil Kendicott of the Washington Post and then will sign copies of his new book afterwards. $25, 7pm. Call 202-633-3030 in advance for tickets. [Freer Gallery]

* We can't afford the Paul Simon thing. [Ticketmaster]


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